Authentic Italian Food

Homemade Culture, Routined Italian Style.
We strive for creative excellence, and tasty food.

Welcome to The Basil Box

A newly established, already promising, and swiftly growing restaurant, serving sizzling authentic Italian food. Our agenda : serving Italian food at affordable prices, maintaining the strictest quality standards, perfect for a lazy day-in at home, or a party with friends!​ 

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Handmade daily

Every day, our team of skilled artisans congregate in our kitchen to make pasta by hand. We use ethically sourced eggs and flour to obtain the best quality pasta.

The Chef's End

A young ambitious investment banker by profession, with formal training in Finance, quits his standard nine to five work. chooses passion over financial security, and invests all his savings into his new profession, the results of which can taste today.​ Cooking, even as a hobby, had always been a part of his destressing protocol during the heydays of financial banking. And shortly, cooking of spectacular and flavor-intense food became a medium to express creative freedom. ​Orchestrating an entire changeover in career, he immersed himself in a journey of discovery, of flavours, aroma, tastes, ingredients, and unusual combinations, all of which became the building blocks to the diversity in taste and menu options available today at The Basil Box.

Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials / Week# 25/2020

A handmade pasta made with 00 grade Napoletana flour, freshly filled with sauteed baby spinach, 3 types of cheeses, and a collection of spices, tossed in Rosa sauce and garnished with our secret mix, of herbs, spices and basil leaves.
For the delectable Rosa, we sauce a wholesome mix of arrabbiata and cream cheese, cooked with a deglaze of crispy garlic and Russian origin Vodka.
Expect a melt-in-mouth Ravioli with tangy and creamy flavours, running with aromas of lighly pungent cheese, fresh basil and spicy vodka.

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